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TYROKOMIKI ARGOLIDAS began its operation in the mid 1950’s. Giorgos Mytas having knowledge of the secrets of high quality cheese, decided to get involved with its production.

It was all about covering some of the basic needs of his family. The natural wealth of mountainous Argolida and Mycenae and his personal creativity, were the strongest allies in his effort. As time passed, he began to create authentic Greek flavors. Being industrious and ambitious, conjunction with the urgings of friends and villagers to continue, the demands increased. After about a decade, he decided to start a small production unit.
The careful choice of goat and sheep milk and the geophysical suitability led to the production of excellent quality of “Graviera cheese”, “Feta”, ricotta, yogurt, cream cheese and butter.



The results of his work, motivated his son, D. Mytas, and G.Tsourdinis, a great partner to continue and expand a successful company.

Today, TYROKOMIKI ARGOLIDAS is a family business that operates in the region of Kourtaki near Mycenae, in Argolida. Continuing the tradition and emphasizing on the technical knowledge, they achieved a powerful combination, setting product high quality standards. The use of the purest raw materials with sheep and goat milk, careful selection of staff and partners as well as the continuous monitoring of raw materials and products, are matters of vital importance for the managers of the company.





For our company, the proper selection of raw materials is the most important factor to maintain the high quality of our products. This is the main reason we have close relationships with our farmers and often monitor the progress of animals and the quality of the produced milk. Furthermore, the frequent and direct communication between ourselves and producers, helps us to improve the quality of our products, improving their production units with new equipment, combined with new know how, expertise and scientific methods, always with respect to nature and animals.





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